Providing Long-term Protection for Valves, Pipes and Fittings

Project Overview

Maintenance of pipework is critical in every industry and facility. Common causes of damage and deterioration to pipes, valves and fittings can include impact and frost damage, corrosion, erosion and chemical attack. Belzona provide a wide range of cold cure repair composite materials and epoxy coatings specifically designed to offer outstanding erosion and corrosion protection as well as demonstrating excellent chemical resistance.

Our solvent free, cold applied repair materials do not require any hot work and allow for simple and safe application, minimising cost and downtime. Belzona’s ceramic filled epoxy coatings can be utilised to provide exceptional wear resistance as well as erosion, corrosion and chemical protection across a range of temperatures.

Belzona solutions for pipework include:

  • Immediate leak sealing, eliminating the need to shut lines down
  • Permanent pipe repairs using epoxy composites for plate bonding
  • Composite pipe wraps for high pressure pipeline repairs compliant with ASME PCC2 Article 4.1 and ISO/TS 24817
  • Bonding of wear pads and shims on pipelines
  • Reforming of corroded or distorted flange faces to restore sealing
  • Specialist repair composites which can be applied underwater or onto hot pipework
  • Liquid applied lagging encapsulation coatings
  • Belzona solutions for valves and fittings include:

  • Repair of valve seats, sealing faces, bushes and gland housings
  • Rebuilding valve guides and slides
  • In-situ sealing of expansion systems and flexible bellows
  • Restoration of heavy erosion damage
  • Repair and restoration of cracked valve casings
  • Internal and external protection of equipment against erosion, cavitation, chemical attack and high temperatures
  • Casting of bespoke elastomer seals and gaskets with rubber repair materials
  • The comprehensive ranges of repair composite materials and epoxy coatings which incorporate chemical, high temperature, erosion, corrosion and cavitation resistance ensure Belzona have solutions for almost all service conditions. Our specialist repair solutions allow for the quick return to service of critical equipment, minimising cost and downtime.

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