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Mechanical Power Transmission

Belzona provides a comprehensive range of solvent free epoxy composite materials designed to repair and prevent the common failures associated with mechanical power transmission. Belzona’s cold applied epoxy materials offer a rapid and reliable alternative to welding and machining techniques which are required for conventional repairs.


Worn and damaged shafts can be repaired in-situ, limiting the downtime and lost production costs which can be incurred. Bearing housings can be repaired utilising our erosion and corrosion resistant metal repair materials which provide in-situ and emergency repair solutions that can extend the lifetime of your equipment and return machinery to service in a fraction of the time.

Belzona cold cure epoxies are formulated to offer long-term erosion and corrosion protection and have the ability to bond to a variety of metallic surfaces including cast iron, aluminum and steel.

Belzona’s range of metal repair composites will:


  • Repair and rebuild damaged and scored shafts
  • Protect exposed areas from corrosion attack
  • Repair oversized keyways
  • Protect exposed surfaces from corrosion pitting
  • Rebuild damaged bearing locations in-situ without machining
  • Modify existing bearing seats
  • Repair or replace low-friction bearing surfaces
  • Reform ball joint housings
  • Realign pins into oversized housings
  • Reseat bushes into damaged locations
  • Repair elongated coupling bolts/dowel locations
  • Rebuild drive faces



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